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Little Beans Community is a diverse collaboration of pediatric nephrologists and trainees across the world whose goal is to deliver 'nephron-sized' teaching concepts useful for the wards and boards. We will cover one topic every month via commentaries, educational summaries, and infographic(s). Stay tuned and let us know what topics should we cover and how we can improve!

Editor and Creator: S. Sudha Mannemuddhu @drM_sudha
Reviewers: Shweta S. Shah @nefron1310, Swasti Chaturvedi @SwastiThinks, Md. Abdul Qader @mdabdulqader83
Advisors: Roshan P. George @RoshanPGeorgeMD, Andrew M. South @asouth_neph

Graphics Team: Salar Bani-Hani @Salarandsushi

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